About Us

Hiiumaa LAG (NGO Hiiumaa Cooperation Network) is established on 30th of June 2006. There is currently 79 members in the organisation, incl Hiiumaa municipality, 34 entrepreneurs and 44 NGO-s.

For the period of 2014-2020 the amount of support available is 2 732 702 euros, incl 2 186 161 euros to support LEADER project applications; and 546 541 euros to support the local LAG and animation.

The Strategy is aimed at:
1. Creating innovative value-added jobs, based on local resources and skills;
2. Developing new markets for small businesses;
3. Improving the quality of life and business environment to support services necessary for community development;
4. Supporting the active and targeted cooperation to acquire new knowledge and skills;
5. Supporting targeted and effective cooperation in favour of sustainable development of the Hiiumaa community.

In the Strategy, the priorities are given to projects that:
– Carry out the UNESCO Biosphere program for West Estonian Archipelago Sustainable Development ;
– Are innovative;
– Promote entrepreneurship aimed to create jobs and to maintain community services;
– Value local resources and skills;
– Develop local food supply;
– Use the renewable energy sources and / or increase energy efficiency;
– Introduce innovative ICT solutions.

Hiiumaa is an island in the Baltic Sea, West Coast on Estonia. The territory if the island is 1000 km², population approximately 9700.

Hiiumaa is a part of West Estonian Arhipelago Biosphere Program Area

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