Hiiumaa farm producers in Estonian TV channel Kanal2

  • Date: 05. January, 2022

In summer 2021, Estonian TV channel Kanal 2 aired two films about farm producers in UNESCO Biosphere Program Area of Hiiumaa. The TV serie is called Foor print (in Estonian Jälg) and follows farmers and food producers.

First film is about organic meat and milk farmers, Hiiumaa organic abbatoir and the restaurant offering Hiiumaa organic beef

Kanal2 saade Jälg Hiiumaa loomakasvatajate lühikese tarneahela tootmisest (Eetris 18. septembril 2021)

Second film introduces berry farmers, production of organic juices/jams and herbal teas.

Kanal2 saade Jälg Hiiumaa marjakasvatajtest ja lühikese tarneahela tootmisest (Eetris 02. oktoober 2021)

TV program is in Estonian, supported by PRIA 16.4