Project OFF GRID

The project “Off-Grid DIY Renewable Energy for Rural Development” was initiated in order to connect actors in the Baltic Sea region and create a platform where ideas, solutions and activities connected to the topic could be spread to a wider community and audience.

The first part of the project, with activities in the period 2018-2021, has been funded by the EU (the European Agricultural fund for Rural Development) through LEADER and it’s LAG’s (local action groups) in Estonia, Finland Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden, together with pro-bono contributions from many of the organisations and participants. Project partners.
Actors and partners from these countries have met during the project-period through activities in each of the countries, in order to exchange knowledge, experiences and culture through workshops, seminars and planning-meetings.

An online platform was created as a result of the transnational cooperation project.

Here is a 2 minute introduction-video of the platform:

One of the results from the project is a printed handbook.

Hiiumaa LAG project was aimed to develop a solar-house prototype:

Full project summary:

In general, rural citizens lack the theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of renewable energy in households. They are often not well informed and reluctant to consider the potential and necessity of renewable energy.
This creates the need to educate society, to pool existing experiences and promote small and relatively simple renewable energy solutions. Ten partners from five EU countries in the Baltic Sea region organised this cooperation project to share their knowledge and experiences through networking, mutual assistance, support and cooperation. Project activities included organising workshops and meetings, as well as developing an ‘Off-Grid DIY manual’ and an online platform offering solutions which are available for free on the Internet.

Project results:

Significant CO2 emission reductions are expected as a result of this project. The project also complements the work carried out by NGOs in all participating countries to promote environmentally-friendly alternative lifestyles.
The project established a collaborative network across the five Baltic Sea Region countries and is targeting a broad spectrum of local populations in each of the countries. The partners include a mix of Local Action Groups, active citizens, farms, local NGOs and other key stakeholders.

Full project description OFF GRID transnational

OFF GRID solar house vebinar: