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Hiiuingel sailing 2020



TRANSNATIONAL LEADER COOPERATION project « Sailing Training and Maritim Heritage » is among final 5 in the The Nordic-Baltic LEADER Cooperation Award 2013

During the LEADER projects by NGO Halulaev, two sailing ships are built in Suuresadama ship yard (Hiiumaa, Estonia).

Project Partners

Finland -LAG Karhuseutu (Lead partner)

Estonia – LAG Hiiumaa

Denmark – LAG Development North West Zealand

Denmark –  mail to:

Project objectives

–   keeping the maritime heritage alive and visible

–   awareness of marine environment

–   networking partners; crews, boat builders and youngsters inside of Baltic

–   change to knowhow of building, restoring, sailing maritime  heritage

a) the public of the LAG partners’ areas will receive information on sailing on traditional ships during the open days, by brochures, by webcameras and by internet (vocabulary to be used, life on sailing ships, how to sail, knowledge of the ships and traditional ports on of Baltic Sea),

b) the people of the areas, especially young people will be trained during training trips at sea,

c) during the field trips at the docks the shipbuilders from Hiiumaa and Denmark will learn to build traditional sailing ships and

d) Bornholms Traebådelaug will build a replica of a bornholmian decked fishing boat from 1867.

Marketing of the project


LAG North West Zealand will produce the brochure in English. The brochure includes at least information about a.) the partners, b.) the traditional harbors and docks of the partners and c.) the tradition of sailing ships at Baltic Sea.

LAG Karhuseutu/IHANA traditional ship association will produce  the virtual game, where galleass Ihana sails around the Baltic Sea and moors up traditional harbors at Batltic Sea (Hiiumaa, Bornholm, Zealand, Luvia etc.)

Webcameras in the LAG areas of Karhuseutu, North West Zealand and Bornholm. Web camera doesn’t include in the LAG Hiiumaa budget. Via cameras public and partners all over the world can follow the building, and all the other activities in harbor area, the departures and arrivals of the ships. Every partner will link the cameras to their own websites and LAG Hiiumaa will produce the common websites  and links the partners webcameras in it.

Sailing Training

Training of young sailors and crew of ship. Visit in traditional boat yards and the youth meeting same time. Young people will participate to international Sea tradition. The trips will include participation in local maritime –tradition event, open days. In particular, people from youth sailing clubs, sea scouts and maritime and shipping institutes will be selected for the training trips. Six sailing trainings are foreseed during the project lifetime. The number of the participation is approximate and changes are allowed.

Open days

For the public it is possible to visit the ships and also free training opportunities on a sailing ship when the boats are on harbors of Finland, Estonia and Denmark. The training will include teaching by experts in themes of sailing ship rigging, used commands in sailing, sailing in theory.  Open days are: in Estonia are Sõru ship festival on 22-23. June 2010 and 22-23. June 2011

Exchange of shipbuilders.

Shipbuilders from Hiiumaa visit Karhuseutu 2010 and Bornholm 2011. Shipbuilders from Bornholm, Nord West Zealand and Karhuseutu visit Hiiumaa 2012.

The direct and concrete results are expected:

– A large number of young participants group of youngsters will learn what it is to sail on a sailing ship, and the vocabulary used when sailing,

– learn the life on board a sailing ship on the Baltic Sea and when a body of people, especially young people, can say that they are capable of sailing by traditional sailing ship.

– public has knowledge of maritim heritage in each LAG area.

– learn how the build traditional sailing ship

2020 Hiiuingel in regatta in Finland